To create the brand Camolas, the founder used as reference its family name, one of the most emblematic in our region.
The Camolas Grande Escolha it’s a very special wine for our winery, and it’s the result of the vinification of Castelão grape variety, harvested from our oldest vineyard, planted in 1931 on sandy soils, and following the tradition of the epoch, its a vineyard without the grape trellis, and where the plants are not organized in a straight line, making it impossible to use machinery in the vineyard. The goal was to create a wine that represents the Castelão grape variety, and the Palmela region at its best. A wine from a really old vineyard.
Wine Pairing
A good match for tapas of fat chorizos and intense cheeses, and a perfect combination of typical Portuguese dishes like, hunting meats, feijoada (bean stew) and Cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese stew).
Serving Temperature: Between 16ºC e 18ºC
Winemaker Notes
It has a violet ruby colour that illustrates the vivacity of a young wine. On the nose the matured red fruits and spices are highlighted. On the mouth presents itself with a fruity profile, with some notes of acorn and some toast, giving it
a complex and exuberant profile. With firm but round tannins, that brings up freshness and a balanced acidity. With a persistent finish, dense and full bodied, results in a attractive and elegant wine with a remarkable gastronomic profile.
  • Excelencia PPV 2017
  • CVR Prata 2018
  • Tambuladeira Ouro