It seems it was during the Roman Empire that the Muscat grape variety developed throughout the Mediterranean, coming from the city of Alexandria in Egypt. One of Luis XIV favourite wines, and a presence at the court of Versailles, the Moscatel of Setúbal arrived in England during Richard II reign. Moscatel of Setúbal stands out among
all fortified Portuguese wines due to its many different qualities. The production of this grape variety is concentrated in the Setúbal Península, whose mild climate allows optimal ripening of the grapes. Moscatel of Setúbal is a relevant part of the culture and traditions of this region, therefore influencing their way of life.
Wine Pairing
Possessing a young and fruity character it becomes ideal, and very versatile, to drink as an aperitif, accompanying dried fruit or tapas. An excellent choice for orange, lemon or chocolate desserts.
Serving Temperature: 10ºC, as aperitif and 16ºC, as digestif or with desserts
Winemaker Notes
“Moscatel de Setúbal” with distinct shiny amber golden reflections. Characteristic aroma of Moscatel grape, standing out the candied orange peel, orange blossom and honey, with some citrus and raisin. It shows an excellent balance with an acidity that gives it freshness, youth and vivacity, providing a persistent and very fresh finish on the palate. Susceptible to the development of deposit and turbidity.
  • Escolha PPV 2016
  • Sindaco 2017
  • Vinho PT 2018
  • Zarcillo 2018
  • Muscats Monde 2020
  • Citta del Vino 2019
  • Muscats Monde 2020
  • Ouro Bachus 2020
  • Escolha PPV 2020
  • Tambuladeira Ouro 2020