The Camolas Selection Premium, is born from the idea of creating a class of superior quality wines, innovative, and with its own identity, without ever renounce to the viticulture tradition of the region, and extolling the characteristics and versatility of the terroirs of the Peninsula of Setúbal. Due to this wine being an exclusive and limited edition, all the bottles from each harvest are numbered individually.
Wine Pairing
Its fruity and woody character makes it perfect to drink with roasted red meat or slightly spicy dishes.
Serving Temperature: Between 15ºC and 17ºC
Winemaker Notes
This wine has a ruby colour with violet hues, which evidences the vivacity of a youthful wine. In the nose, the red fruits notes excel, along with some floral and woody notes, giving it a complex character and exuberance. In the mouth, the fruity character is noticeable, along with the tannins, making a perfect balance between freshness and acidity. This wine has volume and body, presenting an elegant and attractive ensemble with soft tannins. The aftertaste is long, persistent and tasty. Its gastronomic use is remarkable.
  • Sindaco 2017
  • Sommeliers PT 2020
  • CVR 2020