The Camolas Selection Premium, is born from the idea of creating a class of superior quality wines, innovative, and with its own identity, without ever renounce to the viticulture tradition of the region, and extolling the characteristics and versatility of the terroirs of the Peninsula of Setúbal. Due to this wine being an exclusive and limited edition, all the bottles from each harvest are numbered individually.
Wine Pairing
With a remarkable wide range of consensuality this wine has the ability to pair perfectly with complex structured dishes, like rices or pastas of fish, shellfish or birds. Fish stews, or with fat, roasted fishes are also a great pair for this wine. Fantastic combination with Asian, Thain or Indian fish dishes, like the Pad Thai or Shrimp Curry.
Serving Temperature: Between 8ºC and 12ºC
Winemaker Notes
Citric colour, with fragrances of orange blossom, lemon and confit orange, typical of the Moscatel of Setúbal, with the notes of toasted wood well integrated. In the mouth, it delivers a good structure and complexity originated from the grape variety, blended perfectly with the minerality given from the Hungarian Oak Aftertaste with some persistency..