To create the brand “Camolas” the founder of the winery used as reference, its family name, one of the most charismatic in our region. The Camolas Selection brand, is the outcome from the vinification of selected grapes of our finest plots of vineyards, and results from the need to create a brand of reserve wines of superior quality, innovative and with a distinct identity, without ever renounce to the viticulture tradition of the region and extolling the characteristics and versatility of the terroirs of the Peninsula of Setúbal.
Wine Pairing
lt is the perfect wine to drink with white, lean fish, sushi, shellfish (clams or others) and the traditional fried cuttlefish. lt also goes very easily with soft white cheese, such as cottage cheese.
Serving Temperature: Between 8ºC and 10ºC
Winemaker Notes
It has a bright green citrus colour. lts aromas have intense mineral notes balanced with orange blossom and lemon fragrances, which are typical of the Moscatel grape variety. It presents a good structure in the mouth, quite fresh and vibrant. In the end it has a somewhat persistent flavour.
  • Escolha PPV 2017
  • Escolha PPV 2020
  • Arribe Ouro 2020
  • Arribe Ouro Feminino 2020